Bitters & Hair Bottles






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A beautiful reddish amber Civil War era bitters, the less common 4-log variant, attic condition
(ref. no. GW69)


A mint deep amber cabin bitters, a 6-log variant with a better than usual strike
(ref. no. GW70)


A very pretty example of this 6-log variant cabin bitters, nice strike
(ref. no. GW71)


This is one of the nicest attic condition Doyle's I've seen
(ref. no. BS84)


An open pontiled, paneled hair bottle, circa 1850-1855
(ref. no. NN17)


A gem mint example of this square bitters, circa 1880-1890
(ref. no. GW65)

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A gem mint example of this globe shaped unusual bitters
(ref. no. GW64)


A gem mint version, crude, Civil War period
(ref. no. M231)
Gem mint, crude applied top, circa 1865-1870
(ref. no. FL7)

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A circa 1880 square bitters, brilliant orangeish color
(ref. no. M190)

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A nice cobalt blue 1880's hair bottle
(ref. no. DM112)


A crude circa 1850 New York medicine
(ref. no. M304)


A very showy color, perfectly clean
(ref. no. GW41)


An attic find with labels, uncommon variant, circa 1880
(ref. no. EN2)

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A circa 1855 rectangular skin and hair tonic, with no directions on the back panel
(ref. no. Y242)


Circa 1875-1880 base embossed bitters in deep green
(ref. no. FL379)


A classic paneled medicine with embossing on all panels, circa 1870
(ref. no. Y62)


An attic find with labels, uncommon variant, circa 1880
(ref. no. EN5)


This is the fat L & W variant in top condition, circa 1870
(ref. no. GW29)


An attic find with labels, circa 1880
(ref. no. EN3)


A near mint example of this square bitters, circa 1880-1890
(ref. no. GW66)


An attic find with most of both front and back labels
(ref. no. L165)


A decent example with a good strike, circa 1875-1880
(ref. no. W223)
A pretty light orange example, circa 1880
(ref. no. DM116)
A near mint example, nice strike, circa 1880
(ref. no. NN50X)
A circa 1855 rectangular skin and hair tonic
(ref. no. DM502)


A very showy color, circa 1875
(ref. no. GW42)


A splendid mint example with earlier embossing font and crude bubble character, circa 1870
(ref. no. GW31)


A less common variant in a pleasing orange color, circa 1880
(ref. no. GW28)


A mint example, circa 1885
(ref. no. SH148)


A circa 1870 hair bottle, crude, with lots of character
(ref. no. M178)


A gem mint uncommon large sized circa 1880 hair bottle
(ref. no. DM255)
Circa 1875-1880, this has an applied taper top
(ref. no. GW27)


A beautiful example, crude applied top, circa 1875
(ref. no. GW38)


A circa 1860 rectangular skin and hair tonic
(ref. no. DM503)


Aqua 12-sided bitters, circa 1875
(ref. no. SH197)
A small pontiled New York hair bottle, mid-1800's
(ref. no. M34)
A decent circa 1885 example
(ref. no. DM468)


A near mint example with partial label, circa 1880
(ref. no. DM217)
A nice deep amber circa 1880 hair bottle
(ref. no. SH153)
This is a gem mint circa 1910 machine made example, the variant with the "18 Ounces" embossed on the reverse
(ref. no. GW25)


A near mint example circa 1870
(ref. no. DM418)
A circa 1865 small hair bottle
(ref. no. X1704)


A near mint example, circa 1880
(ref. no. NN13)
A nice light orange paneled hair bottle, circa 1890
(ref. no. X1216)


A very crude small hair bottle with drippy glass, a large pontil scar and embossing on all sides, circa 1845
(ref. no. Y121)


An attic find with labels, but top is reattached, circa 1880
(ref. no. EN10)


Amber rectangular bitters, circa 1880
(ref. no. SH172)

A mint example with original label and glass cork stopper
(ref. no. BS73)


A circa 1875-1885 square bitters with beveled corners
(ref. no. GW67)


An orange hued example, circa 1875
(ref. no. GW33)


An uncommon clear variant, circa1880
(ref. no. DM237)
This is a deep reddish amber Civil War era bitters, a 6-log variant, attic condition
(ref. no. ET28)


A gem mint hair bottle with the scarce original stopper and cork liner, in vibrant peacock blue, circa 1880
(ref. no. GW11)


This is a killer example of the very rare aqua variant of this popular barrel bitters. Open pontiled, no damage, great character, circa 1858-1860.
(ref. no. DW1)


This is an unusual deep honey colored example of this classic Civil War era bitters
(ref. no. DW2)


This is a deep reddish amber Civil War era bitters, a6-log variant, attic condition
(ref. no. DW3)


Listed by Carlyn Ring and W.C. Ham as extremely rare, only a handfull of these are known. This one displays mint and has a splendid color gradient ranging from yellow-orange at the top to gasoline hued near the bottom. Unfortunately it has a 3/8" lip chip that would be an easy repair.
(ref. no. ET21)