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A dated cobalt soda with street address and a super nice full residue pontil
(ref. no. SH80)


Hammered whittle, pontil, great circa 1850 western PA soda
(ref. no. BS45)


Circa 1850, a deep cobalt soda with applied taper top
(ref. no. X1917)


A circa 1855-1860 period blob soda in deep cobalt blue
(ref. no. L61)


There are many variant Flanagen bottles, and the brown stout is tough to find
(ref. no. X1664)


An uncommon IP slug plate squat in deep green
(ref. no. X1715)


A splendid near mint example, circa 1865-1870
(ref. no. BS48)


A bubbly example in great condition
(ref. no. BS49)



This is the scarcer arched embossing type squat, Dyottville Glass Works, beautiful condition
(ref. no. 1981)


A super tough name from Philly, circa 1855
(ref. no. 2506)


A beautiful deep emerald green mineral water
(ref. no. L160)


A splendid near mint example, circa 1870
(ref. no. BS50)


A crude bluish green example with pushed in side
(ref. no. M278)


An superb example of this scarce Lambertville soda, circa 1855
(ref. no. L87)


This is a an uncommon deep green I.P. soda, circa 1850-1855
(ref. no. X1881)


A mint example with great glass character, circa 1865
(ref. no. SH129)


A classic block letter blob soda, pontiled, circa 1855
(ref. no. X1877


A rare large sized squat with original bail closure - attic condition
(ref. no. SH34)


Circa 1855, uncommon Philly squat
(ref. no. 2895)


Circa 1855-60 hefty squat with open block letters that wrap the bottle
(ref. no. DM133)


Circa 1855, a fresh dug soda with a great pontil
(ref. no. X1851


A deep green example that is earlier with a long neck and crude glass folds
(ref. no. RP6)


A deep green circa 1855 squat soda
(ref. no. DM540)


A super nice quart in the block letter type, circa 1880
(ref. no. SH191)


A circa 1865 deep green squat in near mint, from the man who invented soda
(ref. no. GW23)



Circa 1850-1855 Philly Hat Top Green Soda
(ref. no. X1738)


A chunky sized "H" example, circa 1850
(ref. no. X1875)


An electric kelly green example, circa 1880
(ref. no. CC4)


This is a hefty pontiled blob with a yellow string in the aqua glass, circa 1855
(ref. no. S69)


An uncommon smooth-based Flanagen in deep green
(ref. no. X1750)


Circa 1880 amber blob with oval slug, near mint
(ref. no. DM119)


A hefty and crude little squat, deepest green - circa 1860
(ref. no. X1669)


A dug pontiled lager style saquat, circa 1855
(ref. no. X1416)


This is a Civil War era green blob top soda
(ref. no. DM134)


Circa 1855, a Philly pontil soda
(ref. no. X1725)


Circa 1860 green squat from Philadelphia
(ref. no. DM124)


A circa 1865-1870 green Reading squat
(ref. no. DM18)


Has a picture of a lion opening a bottle
(ref. no. BS52)


A circa 1865-1870 light teal Reading squat
(ref. no. DM129)


This light teal color variant is less common, circa 1865
(ref. no. X1521)


This is a circa 1865-70 squat from the Delaware River town south of Trenton
(ref. no. X1501)


A hefty little squat blob, uncommon variant
(ref. no. H21)


A circa 1870 blob soda
(ref. no. DM24)


A tombstone slug with embossed clover picture, circa 1885
(ref. no. SH215)


A gem mint example with original lightning stopper, circa 1885
(ref. no. V217)


A circa 1870 squat
(ref. no. DM23)


This is the earlier variant of this Chester hutch, with crude whittle
(ref. no. RP29)


A circa 1865 lager or stout in deep aqua
(ref. no. NN8)


A super crudely whittled chunky squat hutch with open block lettering
(ref. no. DM305)


This just missed being pontiled, loaded with seed bubbles
(ref. no. X1523)


An attic mint chunky soda or short beer with stenciled porcelain stopper, attic mint
(ref. no. V220)


A chubby short soda, circa 1870-1875
(ref. no. H86)


A scarcer variant, short, fat, and heavy. Circa 1875
(ref. no. X1294)


A circa 1890 short style NY hutch
(ref. no. DM630)


A circa 1890 hutch soda, mug-based style, great shape
(ref. no. X1597)


An uncommon circa 1870-75 Philadelphia soda
(ref. no. DM319)


This is a standard Dyottville Glass Works soda, circa 1870-75
(ref. no. DY20)


A circa 1870 soda
(ref. no. DM330)


A circa 1870 C & I type
(ref. no. SH213)


An earlier circa 1880-85 hutch soda
(ref. no. DM296)


A Philadelphia, circa 1870
(ref. no. DM324)


This is a circa 1875 soda, seldom seen
(ref. no. X1525)


A pretty circa 1910 crown soda - gem mint
(ref. no. X1956)


A crude circa 1870-75 Philadelphia soda
(ref. no. DM360)


A circa 1870 soda or lager style beer
(ref. no. SH76)


A Philadelphia soda that is dated 1884
(ref. no. DM320)


A Philadelphia, circa 1870
(ref. no. Y60)


A super condition shubby short squat, circa 1875
(ref. no. V204)


A circa 1870-75 Philadelphia soda
(ref. no. DM316)


A circa 1890 mug-based hutch soda
(ref. no. DM615)


A circa 1885-90 hutch soda
(ref. no. DM299)


A miniature kelly green blob pony, resembles a cream soda shape
(ref. no. EK12)















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