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Circa 1885 spiral ribbed 6-sided teepee sauce, mint
(ref. no. FL236)


A fancy sauce with embossed acorns around the perimeter, fluted shoulders, circa 1870
(ref. no. DM117)


A crisp mold example with original lid and zinc band top
(ref. no. BS88)


A pair of dug quart jars
(ref. no. DM239)


An aqua example with great strike and in great condition, circa 1845
(ref. no. DY48)


This is an unusual colored JSP bottle, a deep teal, great shape
(ref. no. FL26)


A classic 1870 era cod liver oil with old stylings and a long straight neck.
(ref. no. SH42)


This is a dug cylinder sauce with crude whittle and applied taper top
(ref. no. DM8)


A deep amber 1880's shoe polish
(ref. no. BS111)


This is a nice, fancy peppersauce or other condiment bottle with sided neck
(ref. no. DM155)


A crude and bubbly example, gem mint condition
(ref. no. DM241)


This is a fatter style caper bottle than usual, fluted corners, nice character
(ref. no. SH50)


This is a waisted type caper bottle, circa 1885-1890
(ref. no. SH51)


Circa 1870 fancy sauce or condiment bottle
(ref. no. X1814)


An 8-sided circa 1885 veterinary medicine
(ref. no. BS108)


This is a smaller caper bottle with fluted corners
(ref. no. SH52)


This is a circa 1865-1870 Philly extracts bottle, crude
(ref. no. DM263)


This is a small circa 1900 concentrate bottle
(ref. no. DM171)


A post-Civil War Philly area dressing bottle
(ref. no. X1586)


A circa 1920 nurser with gradations, attic condition
(ref. no. DM190)


A circa 1890 paneled beverage syrup from New York
(ref. no. DM227)


A circa 1885 sided bottle with loads of character, mint
(ref. no. BS7)

On Hold


This is an unusual 4 part mold hefty food or condiment bottle like I've not seen before, circa 1880
(ref. no. DM139)



This has heavy neck striations and a tilting top, crude
(ref. no. DM160)