Foods and Jars






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This is a large sized cranberry bottle, circa 1875
(ref. no. DM535)


Circa 1885 spiral ribbed 6-sided teepee sauce, mint
(ref. no. FL236)


A fancy sauce with embossed acorns around the perimeter, fluted shoulders, circa 1870
(ref. no. DM117)


A crisp mold example with original lid and zinc band top
(ref. no. BS88)


A pair of dug quart jars
(ref. no. DM239)


An aqua example with great strike and in great condition, circa 1845
(ref. no. DY48)


Circa 1860 sauce bottle with fancy stylings
(ref. no. DM455)


This is an unusual colored JSP bottle, a deep teal, great shape
(ref. no. FL26)


Circa 1875-1880 olive oil bottle with applied shoulder seal
(ref. no. RP38)


Circa 1870 fluted and sided teepee sauce with crude top
(ref. no. DM456)


A classic 1870 era cod liver oil with old stylings and a long straight neck.
(ref. no. SH42)


This fancy condiment bottle has an 1871 patent date, crude.
(ref. no. DM413)


This is a dug cylinder sauce with crude whittle and applied taper top
(ref. no. DM8)


A deep amber 1880's shoe polish
(ref. no. BS111)


This is a nice, fancy peppersauce or other condiment bottle with sided neck
(ref. no. DM155)


Circa 1875 round with 8-sided neck and honeycomb shoulder pattern, large s
(ref. no. DM412)


A crude and bubbly example, gem mint condition
(ref. no. DM241)


This is a fatter style caper bottle than usual, fluted corners, nice character
(ref. no. SH50)


This is a waisted type caper bottle, circa 1885-1890
(ref. no. SH51)


Circa 1870 fancy sauce or condiment bottle
(ref. no. X1814)


An 8-sided circa 1885 veterinary medicine
(ref. no. BS108)


This is a smaller caper bottle with fluted corners
(ref. no. SH52)


A mint quart example
(ref. no. SH13)


Here's an eclectic bottle and button combo from beach-combing collector
(ref. no. NN18)


Circa 1885 sauce or caper type bottle, nice character, circa 1885-1890
(ref. no. DM536)


This is a circa 1865-1870 Philly extracts bottle, crude
(ref. no. DM263)


This is a small circa 1900 concentrate bottle
(ref. no. DM171)


A post-Civil War Philly area dressing bottle
(ref. no. X1586)


A circa 1920 nurser with gradations, attic condition
(ref. no. DM190)


A circa 1890 paneled beverage syrup from New York
(ref. no. DM227)