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A gem mint quart-sized picnic beer with nice crudity and an earlier applied blob top. Circa 1880-1885

(ref. no. SH269)

On Hold


An 1848 blue band quart mead bottle
(ref. no. Y209)


If you know English ginger beers you know this is a super tough color. Original threaded stopper, attic mint.
(ref. no. LA193)


Circa 1855-1860 quart mead bottle
(ref. no. Y211)


This bottle is covered with embossing on all 8 panels, very cool. Lots of character. It has a hand-applied blob top, circa 1880.

(ref. no. KP56)


A character-rich Keystone motif beer with a mug-base and tapered blob, circa 1885-1890

(ref. no. DC34)


Circa 1855-1860 quart mead bottle from Philadelphia
(ref. no. Y144)


Loads of character in this one. Mug-based, original lightning closure, hefty, circa 1880

(ref. no. SH45)


An attic condition Englist beer, pretty forest green color, original label in great shape
(ref. no. KP57)


An earlier English ginger beer in gem mint condition, loads of stencil labeled text
(ref. no. LA212)


A gem mint example of an uncommon Easton blob in a light catching amber. Circa 1890

(ref. no. SH289)


Circa 1855-1860 quart mead bottle from Philadelphia
(ref. no. DM433)


Circa 1860-1865 quart mead bottle from Philadelphia
(ref. no. Y117)


A mint short blob beer with porcelain stopper and original closure, circa 1880

(ref. no. SH223)


A blob top short blob beer from upstate New York, circa 1880

(ref. no. SH222)


Circa 1855-1860 quart mead bottle from Philadelphia
(ref. no. X1692)


A super pretty earlier blob beer with nice whittle and an applied top, circa 1880

(ref. no. SH224)


Albany, Boston, and Manchester - gem mint, circa 1885

(ref. no. SH171


A short blob top split with script embossing, circa 1885

(ref. no. SH210)


A splendid light-grabbing color in mint condition, unembossed, circa 1885-1890

(ref. no. SH271)

On Hold


A Civil War period ale in 3-part mold, large embossing
(ref. no. DM416)


Circa 1885-189090 aqua picture beer with an applied top
(ref. no. DM358)


A very large and hefty quart picnic beer, circa 1890

(ref. no. SH280)

A gem mint, very tall classic blob beer
(ref. no. JS28)


A super pretty amber blob top beer, circa 1885

(ref. no. SH225)

Chunky large quart blob with a tombstone style slug plate, circa 1885
(ref. no. DM549)


A gem mint circa 1890 blob top beer, with lightning stopper
(ref. no. MT56)
A nice split sized blob top in a nice color, circa 1880
(ref. no. BS16)


A quart sized picnic beer from Philly
(ref. no. DM353)


A splendid yellowish orange blob beer, circa 1890, mint condition
(ref. no. SH68)

An attic mint blob top beer with the original lightning stopper, circa 1885

(ref. no. SH137)


This is an attic found beer with original hardware and porcelain top, cool character being sided

(ref. no. KP69)


A mint example with original lightning closure, mug based style

(ref. no. SH138)

On Hold


A blob top beer in super nice condition and color, circa 1890
(ref. no. EK21)

On Hold


A circa 1890 southeast Penna tall beer
(ref. no. DM359)


A circa 1890 New Jersey tall beer
(ref. no. DM357)


An interesting blob top beer, circa 1880.

(ref. no. SH92)

A gem mint circa 1890 blob top beer, with lightning stopper
(ref. no. MT53)
Beautiful condition, original hardware, stencil-named porcelain top, circa 1895
(ref. no. W65)

An aqua mug-based beer with a taper top, circa 1890
(ref. no. KP54)


A circa 1885-1890 very clean beer in a nice color

(ref. no. SH272)

On Hold


An earlier tall beer with a tapered applied blob top, circa 1885

(ref. no. RP40)

A circa 1900 hand tooled crown top with porcelain stopper
(ref. no. DM371)


Chelton Ave. circa 1900 crown beer
(ref. no. NN29)
A circa 1900 hand tooled crown top
(ref. no. DM373)


A circa 1890 tall blob top beer
(ref. no. MT55)
A blob top beer in attic condition, circa 1890
(ref. no. PJ5)
A pretty pint-sized beer with a Baltimore loop type applied blob top, circa 1890
(ref. no. S50)


An earlier tall blob beer with applied top, circa 1880
(ref. no. MT54)


Loaded with bubbles and character, this tall tapered blob beer is a total light grabber, circa 1875, applied top

(ref. no. SH130)


An unusual and beautiful colored picnic sized beer with a crude tooled neck and blob top. Circa 1885

(ref. no. SH270)


A spectacular colored picnic sized beer with a long stretched neck. Circa 1885

(ref. no. SH273)