Dr. Siegert's (Bitters)






Circa 1875-1885 Dr. J. G. B. Siegert's (Bitters)
Although this isn't embossed bitters, it was a bitters bottle. They often come in very crude, character rich glass and this one is no exception. This example is also a different color tone than most I've seen, being more of a yellow-hued old amber. The top looks to be applied. This example was blown in a 3-part mold and has some nice glass character.

Shoulder embossed: DR J G B SIEGERT & HIJOIS // (base) DR J G B SIEGERT & HIJOIS

Height: 8 3/4" 
yellow-lime hued deep amber

Condition: near mint - clean and structurally perfect.

Reference Number:  GW480

Price: $15