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If the prices on this page differ from those on the bottle-specific pages, take the lowest price! I often drop prices just on this page.

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This is a beautiful 8-sided crude pontiled medicine with applied taper top, circa 1850
(ref. no. DW4)


A beautiful paneled druggist, circa 1850
(ref. no. GW59)


A very pretty unembossed medicine with loads of whittle character, circa 1850
(ref. no. DC103)


A super crude and bubbly example with very large tubular pontil scar, top condition, circa 1850
(ref. no. SH253)


A deep forest green example priced down for lip chipping, circa 1845-1850
(ref. no. DC101)

On Hold


The biggest sarsaparilla I've seen, circa 1870, cool bottle!
(ref. no. S74)


A clear 8-sided medicine with bold embossing, circa 1850
(ref. no. SH247)
Usually seen in aqua, this one is green. Nice "Indian" medicine with most of original label.
(ref. no. S25)

A massive deeply paneled medicine, squatty in shape, circa 1870(ref. no. SH301)


Heavily hammered and whittled example of this 8-sided clasic patent medicine, circa 1850
(ref. no. SH245)


A splendid open pontiled medicine with crude taper top, circa 1850
(ref. no. SH260)


A gem mint amber medicine with sharply beveled shoulders, circa 1880-1885
(ref. no. SH275)


An uncommon color variant of this oval medicine, circa 1885. This is the bottom on the left in the picture.
(ref. no. SH278)


A crude circa 1850 New York medicine
(ref. no. X1021)


A nice grouping of 4 color and mold variants of this classic medicine by the Hazeltine Company
(ref. no. DM531)

On Hold


A large sized medicine with bull's eye in fancy slug plate, with crude applied top, circa 1870
(ref. no. SH177)


A fresh dug crude circa 1870 paneled quack medicine

(ref. no. DM75)


A labeled druggist in a strap sided whiskey type flask, circa 1885(ref. no. SH86)


An uncommon green color variant of this classic medicine, circa 1890
(ref. no. DC102)


A large druggist style strap-sided medicine in amber, circa 1885
(ref. no. BS113)


A splendid mint paneled medicine with earlier embossing, circa 1865-1870. Applied top.
(ref. no. SH199)
A pretty bright green English medicine, circa 1885-1890
(ref. no. BS67)


A crude circa 1865 cylinder medicine, Civil War period
(ref. no. DM467)


A pretty apple-olive green colored medicine, circa 1890
(ref. no. DM521)


A large 9-paneled variant, near mint, circa 1880
(ref. no. M252)
A gem mint example of this circa 1870 paneled quack medicine
(ref. no. M107)

This is an attic mint example of this variant Atwood's bitters, 12-sided, circa 1880
(ref. no. DW5)


A tubular pontil example, circa 1855
(ref. no. SH209)
A round backed triangular tall bottle in deep blue
(ref. no. DM529)


A large circa 1875 paneled medicine
(ref. no. DM265)


A circa 1875 apothecary with remnant original label
(ref. no. Y263)


A large bitters-like medicine from western PA, circa 1880
(ref. no. SH217)


A circa 1870-75 Salve Type Jar
(ref. no. DM170)


A nice colored English medicine, circa 1885
(ref. no. BS68)


A cylinder medicine, earlier, stretched neck, beveled shoulders, circa 1870
(ref. no. SH15)


A crude Civil War period snap case paneled medicine
(ref. no. 3337)
An incredibly bubble infested 12-sided clylinder with thin flared lip intact, circa 1845
(ref. no. DM102)


A gem mint rectangular medicine with beveled corners, circa 1870
(ref. no. BS156)


A large paneled medicine with hand tooled double collar top, circa 1890, mint condition
(ref. no. SH202)


A circa 1870 tapered cone, a Philly medicine
(ref. no. DM519)


An uncommon rectangular Philly medicine, circa 1870-1875
(ref. no. BS158)


A gem mint medicine with embossed horse picture and full label
(ref. no. MD2)


A large paneled medicine with applied top, circa 1880
(ref. no. Y64)


A near mint New York medicine, circa 1880
(ref. no. SH189X)
A classic paneled medicine with the heart shaped front panel, circa 1890
(ref. no. LA186)


A circa 1910 embossed bottle, label, full contents, and the original box - an attic find
(ref. no. IA16)

On Hold


A Civil War era medicinal
(ref. no. SH300X)
A circa 1890-1895 druggist with large monogram
(ref. no. X1502)
A circa 1865-1870 big medicine with beveled shoulders and nice character, but with hairline in corner
(ref. no. Y234)


A scarce product from this important Camden firm, circa 1875-1880
(ref. no. DM110)


A scarce circa 1880 New Jersey medicine
(ref. no. H151)


A Civil War era bottle, unusual to find in clear
(ref. no. DM570)


A Civil War era snap case bottle with crude character
(ref. no. DM472)


An 1880's square druggist with wide ring top
(ref. no. DM506)


A circa 1870 beveled corner medicine
(ref. no. DM311)


A circa 1885 clean medicine
(ref. no. X1615)
Small circa 1890 druggist
(ref. no. DM495)


A nice example of this rectangular paneled medicine
(ref. no. BS163)


A circa 1890 medicine
(ref. no. DM281)


A circa 1880 oval medicine from South Jersey
(ref. no. NN14)
A circa 1885 oval medicine
(ref. no. NN32)


A small round medicine, circa 1910
(ref. no. LA58)


A cure for rheumatism, Gout, Nueralgia, and Colds, circa 1890
(ref. no. DM568)


An earlier small paneled pharmacy, circa 1870
(ref. no. X1263)
A mint circa 1890 druggist
(ref. no. DM688)


A mint example with hand tooled top
(ref. no. DM508)
A circa 1890 midwest pharmacy bottle
(ref. no. MD1)


To cure "loss of manhood" and recover the brain. Circa 1910.
(ref. no. K8)

On Hold


A circa 1890 medicine
(ref. no. DM280)


A chunky 1840-1850 medicine with a pinhole in heel
(ref. no. X1819)



A large and crude paneled mdecine in a splendid deep bluish teal, circa 1870
(ref. no. SH303)


A gem mint example, circa 1885
(ref. no. DM266)


This is a splendid mint example of the London-Toronto-Rochester variant Warner's. It has a crude applied top, earlier
(ref. no. ET27)


A classic Philly medicine, fresh dug and marked down for a base chip
(ref. no. MT33)