Other Miscellaneous Bottles






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This vial is almost 10 inches tall, very early, sand chip pontil, and structurally perfect
(ref. no. DW6)


Circa 1890-1900, possibly a shoe polish or flask
(ref. no. FL257)


A gem mint labeled circa 1865-1870 cologne with embossed stars
(ref. no. GW45)



A nice lot of 2 different sizes of this 8 sided detergent product with cathedral panel stylings, circa 1880-1885
(ref. no. SH178)


A gallon size spring water bottle with excellent strike on the embossed woman with a pitcher - circa 1890
(ref. no. MT48)
A circa 1850 open pontiled perfume bottle, very crude
(ref. no. M209)


A rectangular milk glass bottle with beveled corners, circa 1885
(ref. no. H212)


A circa 1880 insecticide bottle from northeast PA
(ref. no. SH190)
A circa 1860 utility just missed pontiled
(ref. no. FL307)

A circa 1855 small fancy perfume with crude rolled lip
(ref. no. Y182)


An nice mini household product bottle with original lightning closure, circa 1885
(ref. no. SH183)


A uncommon early variant embossed Berlin. Malt Extract.
(ref. no. DM417)


An 1880's crude household product mostly seen in aqua(ref. no. SH286)


A circa 1890 deep emerald olive green bottle, pretty
(ref. no. M60)
An ironstone with transfer label
(ref. no. DM432)


A circa 1890 deep emerald olive green bottle, pretty
(ref. no. M26)
An 1880's tall household product, uncommon from Baltimore (usually is Rochester)
(ref. no. Y306)
A Civil War period scent bottle, fancy style
(ref. no. X1701)


A square shear top oil vial, circa 1895
(ref. no. X1967)
A small hand blown example, circa 1895
(ref. no. DM465)


A green glazed egg holder dug from a 1860's privy layer
(ref. no. DM439)


Has a picture of an old sewing machine, circa 1890
(ref. no. DM42)


A crude tapered scent or utility, unembossed
(ref. no. DM186)


A circa 1890 attic near mint household bottle
(ref. no. M29)

A circa 1885 mint beauty product, nice whittle
(ref. no. DM189)


A gem mint circa 1890 beauty product
(ref. no. DM224)


A gem mint French cologne, circa 1890
(ref. no. DM226)


A vintage small toothpick holder, base marked "D"
(ref. no. HF11)


An 8 sided detergent product with cathedral panel stylings, circa 1885
(ref. no. SH10)


An uncommon household bottle in a pretty green coloration, circa 1885
(ref. no. M198)


An uncommon household product, circa 1890 with tapered shape
(ref. no. SH149)


A super crude and early globe flask with fluted neck, laid on shoulder ring and a pontil scar bottom
(ref. no. LA37)


A crude hand tooled black glass bottle
(ref. no. H157)