W H H - Pontiled Blue Chicago Soda






W H H - Pontiled Cobalt Blue Chicago Blob Soda

This is a crazy crude bottle, tilting the side so much that it looks like it will tip over. It has some nice hammered glass whittle and a big string bubble on the back (not open). The color is splendid - a lovely deep cobalt with purple hues. Circa 1850-1860, it has an applied blob top and a thick iron pontil scarred bottom.

Embossed: W. H. H / CHICAGO

Height:  7 5/8" 

Color: vibrant deep cobalt blue

Condition: clean and perfect structurally with no chips, dings, cracks, etc. It looks like it was pro-polished but retains a couple scratches. Otherwise, not much wear.

Reference Number:  BT11

Price: $325

The pic below shows this bottle on the left, next to a medium cobalt example for color comparison