Amber GLOBE Jar






Pint Sized Amber GLOBE Jar, Lid and Hardware

This is a really nice example of the less common point size of this jar. It has a really cool crude "wave" of thicker glass in the side, original hardware, and the original matching lid and hardware. Super pretty orange color. Only issue is that the hardware has some rusty corrosion, and while it is not brittle most place there as a weak spot that snapped near the joint. Priced down accordingly.

Embossed: GLOBE

Height:7"  (with lid)
Color: orange amber

Condition: glass jar and lid is in attic found condition - perfect structurally with no chips, cracks or dings. Perfectly clean. The metal hardware has some rust colored corrosion and the neck band is snapped at one spot (see pics).

Reference Number: GW402

Price: $75