Weber & Kunkel - Park Beer






Circa 1860-1870 Scarce Philadelphia "PARK BEER" - Weber & Kunkel

This is a quart-sized, very heavy stoneware beer or mead with a taper top. It's super crude with a tilted neck and top. This is a really tough one to find and is priced down due to some condition issues, see below.


Height: 9 3/4"  
Color: beige grading to brown

Condition: displays great. But it has a few issues. There is a 3/8" chip off the heel with a radiating crack that extends up to the shoulder where it peters out. Also has a 1.5" old shallow flake off the heel, and a 1/4" flake off the inside of the lip. These are all old and appear totally stable.

Reference Number: 3344

Price: $69