McLaughlin - Philly






Circa 1855-1860 Iron Pontiled Soda - J. McLaughlin, Philadelphia

There are numerous variant McLaughlin sodas and squats. This is the arched lettering soda, less common than the horizontal lettering type. The top is an applied tapered blob, and the bottom is iron pontiled (frosted kick-up but no iron residue).


Height:  7 1/2"  
Color: teal green

Condition: perfect structurally with no chips, dings, cracks, potstones, etc. There is a string of little bubbles across the shoulder with 2 being slightly open (see pics). I dug this in spring 2022 and only rinsed it out - so it is in its natural state with some patchy stain and light surface wear to polish up if desired.

Reference Number:  Y773

Price: $58