Large Black Glass Gin






Circa 1820-1840 Massive Black Glass Case Gin - Pig Nose Style Top

This oversized gin stands almost a foot tall and is very fat, over 4" wide. Thre top is a laid on ring and the bottom has a large sand chip type pontil scar. It's thinner glass up top, an earlier type.


Height:  11 3/8" (almost 4 1/4" wide at shoulder)

Color: olive green

Condition: excellent - perfect structurally - no dings, chips, bruises, cracks, etc. The only notable wear is the usual base wear on the corner "feet". It does have some inside light haze but it could just be dust or dissolvable contents residue - I didn't even rinse it out to check. This was an early find.

Reference Number:  WC1

Price: $138