REX 525 Green Street






Circa 1860-1865 W. M. REX - 525 Green Street, Philly

The Rex bottles from Philly are really cool because they come in various colors, with different street addresses. I never saw this kelly green color until we dug a privy in August 2022 that had a couple. I kept one. My digging partner sold one on ebay for $675. And here is the third example. I very lightly polish cleaned it to help the color pop. It has an applied double taper top and a smooth-based bottom.

Embossed: W. M. REX / 211 GREEN STREET

Height:  7 1/2" 

Color: apple-hued light kelly green

Condition: near perfect structurally - only very minor issue is a 1/8" very shallow small flake off the top below the lip. Hardly any wear and just trace haze in a few spots. .

Reference Number:  T2

Price: $375