Pontiled Dyottville Whiskey






Circa 1850 Pontiled Dyottville Glass Works Philadelphia Whiskey

This whiskey cylinder was dug in 2023 from an 1840's-1850's Philly privy. It's a bit taller than most - almost 12", and the base font is larger than most. It has a crude applied double taper top, with a larger flared collar skirt than usual. The bottom is iron pontiled.


Height: 11 5/8"  
Color: deep olive black glass

Condition: structurally fine with no chips, bruises or cracks, except there are a couple very slight rough spots on the flared collar mentioned for accuracy. It was only rinsed out and has some patchy stain and spotty light wear that could easily be polish cleaned if desired.

Reference Number: T112

Price: $95