Blue-Green Squat - SCHOCH

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Circa 1850 Iron Pontiled Squat Soda - GEO. SCHOCH

This is an uncommon Philly squat in a different shade than usually seen. It's cool too because it's so crude, with a partly pressed in side near the flower. Hand applied double taper collar top. Deeply recessed pontil bottom.

Embossed: GEO. SCHOCH (8-point start or flower) / PHILAD.A

Height:  7 1/4" 
Color: bluish green

Condition: Excellent - near perfect structurally - it only has a 1/4" hairline in top that you need bright light to see (mentioned for accuracy). It has overall light scratchiness, never tumble cleaned. The pontil is very pronounced.

Reference Number:  SM19

Price: $160