THOLEY Blue-Green Squat






Circa 1860-1865 Ph. J. THOLEY Blue-Green Philly Squat

This is an uncommon Philly name in a very pretty colored deep blue green, probably from Union Glass Works. The strike is bold and the top is an applied double taper. Smooth-based, but Civil War era. Nice glass character.

Embossed: PH. J. THOLEY / PHILADA // T (open block letter)

Height:  7 1/4"  
Color: deep blue green

Condition: near mint - structurally perfect with no chips, dings cracks etc. There is a teeny potstone star in the neck, maybe 1/8". Very clean with only the slightest trace dullness. Hardly any wear on a great mold strike.

Reference Number:  SH493

Price: $92