Patent Soda - J. DIEHL'S






Circa 1845 Pontiled Early Soda - J. DIEHL'S Patent Mineral Water

There are only a handful of the early soda types with the short taper tops and thinner glass. They are all scarce and now command prices from $800 and up, if you can find an undamaged one. This is the very scarce J. Diehl early soda, and it's the nicest looking early soda that I've seen - very clean with good embossing and wonderul crude stretch lines in the neck. This one is priced down however because of a base flake and an open bubble on the corner under the heel. A super nice example overall though. It's hard to not keep it. The top is applied and the bottom is scar pontiled.


Height:  6 7/8"  
Color: teal green

Condition: displays near mint as it is very clean and having hardly any surface wear. The only issues are 2 base chips. One is a very shallow 1/2" sliver flake just in from the heel. The other is a manufacturing-related 1/4" bubble where the surface chipped open. There is also a no harm fleabite nip off the lip that you need to feel for, mentioned for total accuracy. See pics.

Reference Number:  SH432

Price: $500