Rumford Chemical Works

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Circa 1885-1890 Cathedral Style Green Variant Rumford Chemical Works

This is an uncommon color and mold variant of the Rumford cathedral style household bottle with a hand tooled ring top. Unusual true green color variant example (bottle on left in pic). The vertical embossing reads top to bottom instead of the usual bottom to top direction. It also doesn't have the usual bottom embossing. The bottle for sale here is on the left in the pics, shown to help see the color difference from the usual Rumford.


Height: 6 1/8"" 

Color: deep apple green

Condition: structurally perfect with no chips, dings, cracks, etc. Hardly any wear. It just has some patchy light haze.

Reference Number:  SH324

Price: $38






Bottle for sale is on the left