Dunbar Cordial Schnapps






Circa 1860-1870 T. J. DUNBAR & Co Cordial Schnapps, Schiedam

This is a seldom seen larger schnapps similar to the quart sized Udolpho Wolfe's. One sold in a recent Heckler auction for ~$300, but I haven't seen any others. It just missed being pontiled. Nice crude character with a gloppy applied top that tilts slightly. The color is really interesting and hard to catch right in photos. Only detraction is some wear and stain, but this was never cleaned and would likely polish up if you wanted - nice natural character as is.


Color: yellow-olive toned amber. Note that the photos make it look a bit more amber than it is. It almost has a limey/citron tone in certain lighting.
Height: 9 3/4"  
Top: applied taper top
Base: smooth with hints of a possible eroded pontil

Structural Condition: perfect except for a fleabite nip off the lip that you need to feel for.

Surface Condition: it has overall moderate swirl etch and patchy stain. Never polish cleaned.

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This bottle is the 2nd from the left in the pics below - shows the color compared to other true amber bottles.