1867 Sour Mash Barrel






1867 Dated Sour Mash Barrel - Chapin & Gore, Chicago - Hawley Glass Co, PA
This bottle catches any light on the shelf and hods attention with it's splashy orangeness. It has many other things going for it too - the 1867 sour mash embossing is on a raised shield shape, plus shoulder and base embossing. It also has nice crude character with twisting in the neck glass. The threaded stopper fits fine but I doubt it's original since it has a London address - probably from an English port or ginger beer, but this bottle is never found with a stopper. You'll love it!

Embossed: (on neck) CHAPIN & GORE // CHICAGO // (in shield) SOUR MASH / 1867 // (base) HAWLEY GLASS CO. / HAWLEY, PA.

Color: brilliant orange amber
Height: 8 3/8"  
Top: applied taper with neck band, inside thread for stopper
Base: smooth, post mold, embossed

Structural Condition: perfect - no damage of any sort (chips, cracks, hairlines, bruises, etc).

Surface Condition: looks attic mint with only trace wear in spots - super clean, maybe just the slightest haze in spots mentioned for total accuracy..

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This is bottle is on the far left in the pics below - shows the color compared to other amber bottles.