Inside-Threaded Top Flask






Circa 1860-1865 Inside-Threaded Seam-Sided Flask - Pint-Sized with Glass Stopper

Here is a very pretty Civil War period whickey flask with lots of interesting features going for it. The top is an inside-threaded type with a glass stopper. The body is round-sided or "seam-sided" (not strapped). It has very nice crude glass character, and the color is a bit unusual. The stopper fits and matches color-wise, but I'm not sure if it's original FYI.


Color: apricot-hued amber
Height: 8 3/8" (with stopper) 
Top: applied taper with neck band, and inside-threading
Base: hinge mold (snap case)

Structural Condition: perfect structurally - no chips, cracks, dings or bruises.

Surface Condition: perfectly clean - just some light scratchiness and light spotty wear mentioned for total accuracy.

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