Pumpkinseed Flask - PICNIC






Circa 1880-1895 Aqua Pumpkinseed Pocket Whiskey Flask - PICNIC
Pumpkinseed flasks are popular and always seem to have fun slogans. This is the aqua variant of the picnic flask. It has some subtle hammering crudity in the glass.

Embossed: PICNIC

Color: aqua
Height: 5 5/8"  
Top: tooled double ring collar
Base: smooth, flat-bottomed

Structural Condition: nice looking but there is a hard-to-see 1/2" flash near the base. It really isn't visible on the shelf and you need to have it angled a certain way to spot with bright light.

Surface Condition: only spotty light wear and the slightest dullness. Very nice.

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This flask is shown here along with some other pumpkinseed flasks.