Pumpkinseed Flask - PICNIC






Circa 1880-1895 Amber Pumpkinseed Pocket Whiskey Flask - PICNIC

Amber pumpkinseed flasks are always popular and fun. This has a lovely amber color that varies in tone from deep honey to orangish colored. Lots of bubbles and crudity, such as a raised mold seam at the bottom of the neck.

Embossed: PICNIC

Color: honey-orange amber
Height: 5 3/8"  
Top: tooled double ring collar
Base: smooth, flat-bottomed

Structural Condition: an attic bottle that is almost perfect structurally. There is a small potstone to the right of the "C" with a couple super short radiating hairlines (maybe 3-4 mm).

Surface Condition: attic found with only spotty trace wear. As usual with these flasks, the embossing is a bit weak but clear.

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This flask is all the way to the right in the following group pics.