Pig Nose Case Gin






Circa 1855-1860 Black Glass Case Gin - Crude Pig Nose Snout Top

A pint-sized Civil War period case gin with an incredibly crude applied top that tilts up on one side and dips on the other. This really should be pontiled but it has a very crude X across the bottom - circa 1855-1865. Never tumble cleaned, natural patina.


Height:  9"  

Color: black glass

Condition: excellent - perfect structurally (no dings, chips, cracks, etc.). There is a 1/8" teeny nip off the top in the inside neck area mentioned for accuracy. It has some dull light haze and spotty light scratchiness that would tumble polish easily, but that would ruin the natural glowy old character.

Reference Number:  GW842

Price: $79