Hersperedina Barrel Whiskey






Circa 1860-1870 Gasoline-Yellow Barrel Whiskey - Hersperedina Bagley Un Barril

Here is a beautifally colored barrel-shaped whiskey bottle that I learned is probably from Brazil. But it's surprisingly like an American barrel bitters from the same period. The color rocks - a blend of apricot and yellow that many refer to as "gasoline" amber. A similar one (with base embossing) sold at Heckler auctions in Feb. 2024, but I haven't seen this variant. It has nice glass character and old style large font embossing.

Color bright blend of yellow, orange, and apricot - gasoline amber
Height 9 1/8"
Top applied double collar
Base smooth, post mold

Structural Condition

perfect structurally - no damage of any sort.
Surface Condition looks attic mint with only trace wear in spots. Super clean
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Price: $260 Payment Info

This is bottle is in the middle of the pic below - shows the color compared to other amber bottles. But this color is hard to catch accurately.