Warner's Safe Nervine






Circa 1880 Warner's Safe Nervine - Rochester, NY

This is one of the less common Warner's Safe products. It has an applied ring blob top. This example has an exceptional mold impression with every detail of the safe popping out boldly. It's also pretty crude with bubble swirls in the blob, etc.

Embossed: WARNER'S / SAFE / NERVINE / (large picture of a safe) / ROCHESTER, N. Y.

Height: 9 3/4"  
Color: amber

Condition: very nice - perfect structurally except for a small 1/8" onion peel bubble on the edge that is not open but mentioned for accuracy. Uncleaned, and so there is some light overall dullness haze and spotty light wear/scratches, all of which would polish clean very nicely if desired because the strike is so strong.

Reference Number: GW787

Price: $94