Washington / Sheaf (GI-57)






Circa 1855-1860 Quart-Sized Historical Flask - Washington / Sheaf of Wheat (GI-57)

A nice looking flask that is pretty clean and having a decent mold impression. Chunky thickness, some crudity.

Embossed: (portrait of George Washington) // (sheaf of wheat)

Color: aqua
Height: 8 7/8"  
Top: applied taper
Base: snap case (hinge mold)

Structural Condition: displays great but the lip has a 1" wide x 1/8" deep cork pry bruise on the wheat side and a 1/8" lip nip on the Washington side. This sounds worse than it is - see pics below. No other issues.

Surface Condition: very good - some spotty high point wear but very clean and shows well.

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