Drake's 1860 Plantation Bitters






Drake's 1860 Plantation Bitters - Apricot Amber 6 Log (Ring/Ham D-105)

A near mint and example of a classic 6-log Drake's in an unusual deep chocolate color variation. It has some great crude glass character and an applied taper top, circa 1865. Also, a chunkier size han most 6-logs at 10" tall.

Embossed: ST / DRAKE'S / 1860 / PLANTATION / X / BITTERS // PATENTED / 1862

Color: deep reddish "strawberry" puce - almost chocolate
Height: 10"  
Top: applied taper
Base: smooth

Structural Condition: perfect structurally - no damage of any sort.

Surface Condition: looks attic mint with only trace wear in spots - it also looks very clean but it takes a strong light to see through.

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The bottle is the 3rd in line in the pic below which shows the color compared to other amber bottles.