Washington Flask (GI-38)






Circa 1845-1855 OP Pint Flask - Washington/Taylor Dyottville Glass Works (GI-38)

This is the very nice looking pint flask with much better than usual embossing, crisp. It's priced down because of a minor cork pry bruise in the lip. The top is a plain shear top. The open pontil scar on the bottom is really fat.

Embossed: THE FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY / (classic profile pic of George Washington) // DYOTTVILLE GLASS WORKS PHILAD.A / GEN. TAYLOR NEVER SURRENDERS (pic of Zachary Taylor)

Height: 7 1/8"  

Condition: the bottle is super attractive with the robust strike, but there is a 3/8" ghost bruise in the lip from a cork pry (see pics). No associated chips and pretty subtle, but priced down. Otherwise, very little wear and only one patch of haze.

Reference Number:  GW643

Price: $85

The flask here is on the left of this pic: