Unlisted UNION Clasped Hands / Eagle






Circa 1855-1865 Unlisted Pint Flask - UNION Clasped Hands / Eagle

This flask is priced down because of an open bubble but it's got tons of character to make up for the bubble. And this is an unlisted variant with a splashy slug below the eagle, which is very boldly embossed. It's an early smooth base with the hinge seam (snap case). The top is an applied hat type.

Embossed: (stars) UNION / (clasped hands in large shield motif) // (pic of right facing flying eagle carrying banner, over a shield) / (open starburst slug for label)

Height: 7 7/8"  

Condition: excellent - it's very clean and has zero damage (no chips, cracks, dings or bruises). The only issue is an open onion peel type surface bubble that is 1 3/8" long and open for about 1/2".

Reference Number:  GW641

Price: $75