Westford Flask, CT (GIII-37)






Circa 1855-1865 Half Pint Flask - Westford Glass Works, Westford, CT (GIII-37)

These Westfords are lovely flasks, great character and having that dense New England glass with so much character and crudity. This is a Civil War period example with the hinge seam across the bottom. Crudely applied top with nice stretch marks in the neck. The sheaf of wheat on the reverse is prominently embossed.

Embossed: WESTFORD GLASS CO / WESTFORD / CONN // (sheaf of wheat)

Height: 6 1/8"  
deep olive amber

Condition: near mint - just trace high point wear and the usual base wear. The only structural issue is the slightest needle-sized sliver off the edge of the base, mentioned for total accuracy (no harm).

Reference Number:  GW626

Price: $265