Pontiled Eagle Works, Philly







Circa 1845-1850 Pontiled Squat - Eagle Glass Works, Philly

This is an earlier squat soda from Philadelphia that is not seen very often for sale and they often have damage. This example is undamaged and has never been tumble cleaned so it has the natural patina. The pontil is very robust on a deep kickup. Nice crude glass character. Applied double taper top.

Embossed near base: EAGLE WORKS / PHILAD.A

Height: 7 5/8"  
Color: deep green

Condition: structurally perfect with no chips, cracks, dings or bruises. It is in its natural state and has some spotty light wear and stain that would tuble polish nicely if desired. The embossing is a bit light, but that's always the case on this bottle and it's actually better than most.

Reference Number: GW347

Price: $270