Pontiled McLaughlin







Circa 1850-1855 Pontiled Slug Plate McLaughlin - Philadelphia Squat

This is an uncommon McLaughlin variant, with the rectangular slug plate and the city listed. This is a $125-150 bottle but is marked way down because it has a bit of light cork pry chipping. Nice iron pontiled bottom, applied double taper top.


Height: 7 5/8" 
Color: teal green

Condition: a decent example of a tough to find Philly squat. It has 2 shallow lip chips, that maybe span 25% of the rim of the lip, and which are about 1/8" dip (cork pry). Otherwise, it has some patchy haze and spotty light wear. Never tumble polished, nice natural patina.

Reference Number:  GW120

Price: $64