Deep Amethyst Teakettle Ink







Circa 1875-1890 Deep Amethyst Teakettle Ink

This is a fabulous kettle ink with sharp edges, 8-sided in both the body and the spout neck. The bottom is perfectly flat. The top is raised with fluted stylings. The color is a deep lavender amethyst, very pretty.


Height: 2 3/4" (and about 3 1/4" long) 
Color: deep lavender-purple hued amthyst

Condition: excellent overall. Very clean and hardly any wear. Only issue is one of the bottom corners has a 1/8" wide very shallow sliver flake and another corner has a subtle 1/4" half moon bruise (no chipping). Not noticeable unless you inspect closely. The spout is perfect.

Reference Number:  FN10

Price: $225