Gell's & Dalby's Carminativ









Circa 1860-1875 Gell's & Dalby's Carminativ - Lot of 5 Variants

This is an interesting color run and variant lot of 5 tapered tall cone bottles, each with a hand finished top. None are pontiled, but some come very close. Note that the deep lavender example is likely an irradiated (altered) bottle, which could be reversed. One is clear, which is uncommon.

Bottle 1: DALBY'S // CARMINATIVE - an uncommon variant with the "E" in Carminative, icy blue-aqua, large font stylecrude ring top, flat bottom, circa 1860. Condition is near mint, undamaged with only trace haze.

Bottle 2: DALBY'S // CARMINATIV - a clear variant. Condition is patchy stain and a small 1/8" flake off the bottom

Bottle 3: DALBY'S // CARMINATIV - a nicely whittled earlier example with inward rolled lip and stretch marks. Condition is near mint, no damage or issues.

Bottle 4: DALBY'S // CARMINATIV - a deep amethyst/lavender example (irradiated) with a few slight wear spots and patchy haze.

Bottle 5: GELL'S / DALBY'S // CARMINATIVE - a heavier glass example in aqua. Condition is that 1/2 of the flared lip is chipped away, but no other issues.

Reference Number:  DC195

Price: $72