OP Harrison's Columbian Ink






Circa 1850 Pontiled Harrison's Columbian Ink - 12-Sided Chunky Size

These come in many sizes and this one is about 16 oz., very wide for the height. It has the applied flared mouth top. The open pontil is robust, pressed up into the kickup. Lots of micro seed bubbles for character.

Embossed: (shoulder) PATENT // HARRISON'S // COLUMBIAN // INK

Height: 5 7/8" tall x 3 3/8" wide
Color: aqua

Condition: near perfectly structurally, having only a 3/16" sliver nip off the edge of the lip, and a 1/4" in-making pontil chip. It also has patchy haze on one side, and trace wear.

Reference Number: BT68

Price: $165