1867 Sour Mash Barrel






1867 Dated Sour Mash Barrel - Chapin & Gore, Chicago - Hawley Glass Co, PA
Wow, this bottle jumps off the shelf, catching any light with it's splashy orangeness. It has many other things going for it too - the 1867 sour mash embossing is on a raised shield shape, plus neck and base embossing. The banded taper top is crudely applied. You will love this bottle, which dresses up any other color combos on the shelf.

Embossed: (on neck) CHAPIN & GORE // CHICAGO // (in shield) SOUR MASH / 1867 // (base) HAWLEY GLASS CO. / HAWLEY, PA.

Height: 8 5/8"  
brilliant orange amber

Condition: looks mint to me - virtually zero wear, no structural issues, super clean. Just a little trace haze in the neck.

Reference Number:  BT61

Price: $225