Blue Jas WATSON Brown Stout






JAS WATSON Brown Stout - Rare Philadelphia Squat Blob

This is a rare blue squat from Philly. I only know of 4-5 that exist whole, and they mainly came out of one Philly privy (I didn't dig it) a few years ago. I've only ever dug shards. I think it's a $1,000+ bottle, but this one has some overall ground wear even after it was gently tumble cleaned. It could probably be polished a bit better since the embossing is still strong. The blob top is applied and the bottom has an iron pontil (no residue left). Very stubby shaped and heavy - feels like a paperweight!

Embossed: JA.S WATSON (8 point star/flower) / PHILADA // BROWN, STOUT

Height: 7 1/8"  
Color: deep cobalt blue

Condition: perfect structurally with no chips, dings, bruises or cracks. Clean too. But it has overall light pitting and ground wear, probably from being in a watery hole. There are also lots of little bubbles, so some of the specks in the pics are bubbles. Priced accordingly.

Reference Number: 3348

Price: $599