Pontiled HEISS Block Letter Soda







Circa 1850-1855 Pontiled Block Letter Soda - W. HEISS

This is a nice soda with an applied tapered blob top. The lettering wraps the whole bottle in large open block fonts. This is one of the scarcer HEISS sodas from Philly, rarely offered for sale. It would be priced for much more, but it's a dug, uncleaned example (no structural issues). Uncommon color too.

Embossed: W. HEISS. (large open block letters)

Height: 7 3/4"  

Color: medium blue-green with cornflower hues, interesting

Condition: excellent - perfect structurally (no chips, dings, cracks) with a nice kick-up pontil. This is an uncleaned dug bottle that could be tumble polished if you prefer. Currently, it has some light swirl etch wear and patchy stain. I prefer the natural look as is.

Reference Number: 3183

Price: $270