Pontiled Blue Philly Soda - Heiss







Circa 1850-1855 Pontiled Blue Philly Soda - Heiss

This is one of the classic Philly sodas that seems harder and harder to find. There are variants with and without the star - this has no star. But most have a blob top and this is a taper top example. It has an applied taper top.

Embossed: HEISS (large filled block letters) / PHILAD.A // H / UNION GLASS WORKS / PHILAD.A

Height: 7 3/4"  
Color: cobalt blue

Condition: perfect structurally (no chips, dings, hairlines, cracks), This is an uncleaned bottle that has some patchy stain and overall wear. Would benefit from a tumble polish. Good embossing. These often has cork pry issues and this is a nice nice undamaged example.

Reference Number: 2746

Price: $279