D. McCURDY - Philadelphia






D. McCURDY, Philadelphia - Circa 1855 Pontiled Philadelphia Slug Plate Squat

Pared from my collection is this super tough McCurdy variant. This one does not have an address like the ones you see every now and then. I hadn't seen one of these for over 20 years until I recently got one from a long-time Philly collector and neither were undamaged. The base has a clear iron pontil but no residue. It has an applied double taper top. Very nicely whittled.

Embossed: D. McCURDY / PHILADA

Height: 7 3/8" 
Color: deep bluish-emerald green

Condition: The only structural issue is some very shallow and old sliver flakes off the top of the lip (see pics). Good collar, nice embossing. It has never been tumble polished and so it has some patchy haze and light wear. Marked down $100 for the lip.

Reference Number:  2254

Price: $250