Pontiled Lager - Rau, Philadelphia







Circa 1850 Late Lager - Friedrich Rau, Philadelphia

This robust Philly squat has sloping shoulders, a late lager style. The top is an applied double taper. Iron pontiled base with lots of residue.

Embossed: FRIEDRICH / RAU / PHILAD..A // R (fancy letter)

Height: 7 5/8 "  
Color: deep green

Condition: near perfect structurally - it only has 2 issues. There is a 3/16" old nip off the collar, and there is lip roughness with a 1/4" ghost bruise at the top of the lip (cork pry). This is a fresh dug bottle that is in its natural state - retains patchy stain and spotty overall modest wear. Nice natural state on a late lager.

Reference Number: Y775

Price: $175