Philly Pontiled Soda - JOHNSTON & Co







Circa 1850 Pontiled Soda - JOHNSTON Mineral Water

This Johnston mineral water is found with the "Mineral" in arched embossing, and the other mold has it written horizontally/straight. This is the arched variant. It has an applied tapered blob top. Frosted pontil bottom.

Embossed: JOHNSTON & Co / PHILADA // MINERAL (arched) / WATER

Height: 7 3/8"  
Color: teal green

Condition: structurally perfect with no dings, chips, cracks. It was only rinsed out after being privy dug, and so it has some patchy haze but not too bad. Nice strike and only light spotty wear, so it could be tumble polished to near mint if desired.

Reference Number: X1847

Price: $75