St. Drake's 1860 Plantation Bitters







St. Drake's 1860 Plantation Bitters - 6 Log (Ring/Ham D-108)

A beautiful deep tobacco hued amber example of this classic Civil War era bitters, one of the 6-log variants, in exceptional condition. Applied taper top, circa 1865.

Embossed: ST. / DRAKE / 1860 / PLANTATION / X / BITTERS // PATENTED / 1862

Height: 10 1/4" 
Color: deep tobacco amber

Condition: nearest mint - structurally perfect with no dings, chips, cracks, hairlines, etc. Hardly any wear. Very faint trace haze mentioned for total accuracy. Only issue is that the first line of embossing is a bit muddled and weak, but the rest is good.

Reference Number:  TR178

Price: $182