Philadelphia - RAU Late Lager Squat







Circa 1850 Lager Squat - FRIEDRICH RAU

This is the fat late lager type of pontiled RAU, and it's in a different shade of green than the usual teal hue - see first picture below for color comparison (but the other bottle is not for sale with the Rau). This bottle was dug in Philly with "The Privy Diggers" in December, 2017. The top is a hand applied double taper.

Embossed: FRIEDRICH / RAU / PHILAD..A // R (fancy style)

Height:  7 1/2 "
Color: deep green, olive toned

Condition: very nice overall, but it does have a cork pry bruise visible in the pics. It isn't chipped up and is pretty subtle, but it is there. Otherwise, the bottle has some overall light wear, and haze partches. This is a fresh dug, never cleaned bottle with natural patina. Collar is perfect.

Reference Number:  PD4

Price: $165