Very Early Two-Tone Blown Chestnut






Exceptional Circa 1800-1820 Pontiled Chestnut Flask

This could be earlier than 1800 but my knowledge is weak for Colonial pieces. The bottle has a much longer and more narrow neck than most blown chestnuts. The laid on top is super crude and more flared than usual. And the coloration ranges from a light lime-olive to olive amber in the upper area of the neck, just below the applied top. The pontil is open. A killer bottle in perfect condition.


Height:  9 1/4"  

Color: light lime-hued olive in body, grading to amber-hued olive in neck

Condition: attic mint - perfect structurally with no issues (no dings, chips, cracks, etc.). Clean. Just trace base wear. Mentioned for complete accuracy, there is a glass string in the neck with a 1/16" potstone that is fully encapsulated and has no raditating lines - no harm and part of natural crudity.

Reference Number:  LA49

Price: $295