Kossuth / Tree Calabash - GI-113












Circa 1850 Kossuth / Tree Calabash - McKearin GI-113

This is a splendid example of this calabash flask. It has a very crisp mold strike, an iron pontil with full black residue, and a nice color. The top is an applied double taper abobe an 8 sided fluted neck

Embossed:  KOSSUTH / (picture of Louis Kossuth) / (picture of large tree)

Height:  10 3/4" 
light teal (not aqua)

Condition: nearest mint - near perfect structurally (no chips, dings, etc), just the teeniest flea bit nip off the lip mentioned for total accuracy. Very clean, just the normal base wear.

Reference Number:  KP6

Price: $225