GII-42 Pint Flask - Ship / Eagle








Circa 1845 Pontiled Philly Flask - McKearin GII-42

Here is a chunky pint flask with the vertical ribbing on the sides, Kensington Glass Works style. It's a GII-42 flask in McKearin, having a ship sloop on one side and a left-facing eagle on the other. The top is a plain style shear, smoother than The bottom is open pontiled.

Embossed:  (picture of frigate sailing to right, full rigging) / FRANKLIN . // (picture of left-facing eagle under series of rays and sitting atop a beaded oval slug) / T. W. D.

Height:  6 3/4" 

Color: aqua

Condition: Nearest mint - perfect structurally with no chips, dings, etc. Perfectly clean. Virtually no wear. Only detraction is slightly soft embossing possible because this may have been tumbled cleaned.

Reference Number:  KP12

Price: $325