Drake's 1860 Plantation Bitters






Drake's 1860 Plantation Bitters - Apricot Amber 6 Log (Ring/Ham D-105)

A near mint and example of a classic 6-log Drake's in an apricot like off color variation. It has lots of crude glass character with bubbles of different sizes. It has an applied taper top, circa 1865.

Embossed: ST / DRAKE'S / 1860 / PLANTATION / X / BITTERS // PATENTED / 1862

Height: 10 1/4" 
Color: apricot "old" amber - looks great in any light

Condition: near perfect structurally - it has a very subtle 1/2" hairline just below the roof overhand in the upper right if one panel. It might in fact be an actual hoursehair in the glass, hard to tell. In any case it is minor and likely from manufacturing. Otherwise, it only has a a few very light haze spots, hardly any wear..

Reference Number:  GW612

Price: $142

The following pictures shows the color of this bottle (2nd from left) compared to other shades of amber.