Honey GLOBE Jar






Half Gallon Sized Honey Amber GLOBE Jar, Lid and Hardware

This is the biggest version of this pretty jar. It has the original hardware and lid, but it's priced down because the lid was broke into 2 and reglued. The lid functions fine and is intect with no chips. The jar is a beautiful honey color, grabs any light.

Embossed: GLOBE // (base) 3 // (lid) PATENTED / MAY 25TH, 1886

Height: 10 1/2"  (with lid)
Color: yellow-orange honey

Condition: the jar is in attic condition, but as noted above the lid was broke and re-glued. The lid and jar have no chips or dings otherwise. The metal hardware has some corrosion but is intact and tight.

Reference Number: GW400

Price: $110